Any Means Necessary

If you haven’t already seen our latest team video, ‘Any Means Necessary.’, it is now online for you to check out. Featuring: Brandon Webster, Sam Lowe, John Manaras, Fabian Dulong, Antoine Nau, Alexi Barau, Amos Franke, Jaumell Campbell, Greg Henry, Nathan Hines, Greg Flag, Chijioke Okafo, Jack Leonard, Adam Piatek and Chris Silva. Hosted by Deaner of Fubar fame. Click play and enjoy!

That New Sam Lowe Fire

By now, everyone knows what to expect from a Sam Lowe edit: straight fire. It’s been a while since some Sam footy’s dropped and this one will be sure to hold people over for a bit once again. Filmed all over the Vancouver area, Sam throws down some heavy bangers that you’ll want to rewind a couple times. Press play and enjoy!

Filmed and edited by Taylor Elvy.

Sam Lowe by Brad Hill


Here’s a dope shot of Sam Lowe by Brad Hill that was shot during our Vancouver Island trip last year. This shot also appears in the fourth and final instalment of Union Press, an amazing newsprint ‘zine that you can check out online here. Try to get your hands on a printed copy if you can, nothing beats it.

Sam Lowe’s Borato V3


Sam Lowe recently built up this new Borato V3 frame with some CKS forks and other goods to start the new year off right. Stay tuned for some more Sam-related news in the near future!

Re-Up: MacNeil Vancouver Island Getaway

As most of the northern hemisphere is starting to, or already have, feeling the chill of the oncoming winter we thought we should re-post our Vancouver Island Getaway video. Back in June a few of the guys on the team packed up in a car with Zach Rampen and headed out to Vancouver island for some exploring, riding, camping, and general summer fun. Give the video another watch with Greg Flag, Sam Lowe, and Taylor Elvy and a gallery of photos on the micro-site we made here shot by Brad Hill.

West Coast BMX Perspectives By Brad Hill – ESPN


Our good friend Brad Hill has a selection of west coast BMX photos up on the ESPN/X-Games website right now, and lo and behold Taylor and Sam are featured in it. Check it out here for all the photos and Brad’s perspective as a newcomer to Vancouver, and you can check out his new portfolio site here for even more work from him.

Jeff, Silva, and Taylor in Vancouver

Jeff and Silva flew out to Vancouver and met up with Taylor Elvy back in August for an Animal Bikes trip. They had a jam at the Chuck Bailey skatepark, cruised some streets, and even hit a swimming hole. Check out this video of their time out there. Sam Lowe even sneaks a clip in too.

Sam Lowe Bike Check On RideBMX


Same Lowe has a bike check over on RideBMX right now with his Borato V3. The photos were shot earlier in the spring on our Mexico trip, but Sam knows what he likes to ride and you won’t see too much change on his bike over time. Make sure you read the answers to his questions and you’ll get the scoop on a product are working on with him, and an embarrassing Darcy story too. You can find the bike check here.

Vancouver Island Getaway – One Six Shop Stop

During our Vancouver Island Getaway trip the crew made their way to One Six Bikes & Boards in Victoria, BC to hang out and session their indoor mini setup. Thanks to everyone at One Six for their hospitality!

Don’t forget to check out the flip book and edit from the rest of the trip here.

Audio: Wild Nothing – Chinatown
Filmed and edited by Zach Rampen

Van Island Getaway on Vimeo

We previously had our Van Island Getaway video on Youtube but we have now put it up on our Vimeo account too. Which do you guys prefer, Youtube or Vimeo? Check out the video if you haven’t seen it yet, then scope out the photos in our flip book.

Vancouver Island Getaway: Video + Photo Gallery

In the middle of June, Sam Lowe, Taylor Elvy and Greg Flag all hopped on a ferry to Vancouver Island, BC and spent a week exploring what the area had to offer. What they found were welcoming and generous locals, great parks, camp sites, and a seemingly endless supply of spots. We had an amazing time on the Island, and ended up filming more than we could have hoped for. We put together this video of the trip, filmed and edited by Zach Rampen, and a gallery of photos shot by Brad Hill, that you can check out by clicking the photo below. Thanks to One Six Bike Shop and all the locals on the Island that helped make our trip such a great time. We’ll be back soon enough.

island getaway

Vancouver Island Getaway – Day 6

Ghetto Ramp session.

Our Vancouver Island getaway trip has come to an end. Thanks to everyone that gave us a place to stay, lent a hand, or helped us out in any way. Thanks to One Six Bike Shop in Victoria, and all the riders that we met. Clips were filmed, sites were seen, and beers were drank. Check out a few more photos from our last day after the jump.

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Vancouver Island Getaway – Day 4/5


We are down to the last day of our Vancouver Isalnd Getaway trip. It’s been a blast and everyone has been riding and filming the whole time, and we’ve remained injury free. We visited One Six Boardshop in Victoria and hit up their mini ramp the other day too. Check out some more photos from days 4 and 5 of the trip after the jump.

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Made it to Victoria at the Dude House.

The crew are still out there on the Island, hanging out, drinking beers, hitting parks, and living life. If you follow us on Twitter and Instagram you can catch the prize packs we are randomly leaving at locations and spots we visit. Check out a few photos from day 2 and 3.

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