Silva’s Any Means Necessary Alternate Angles Edit

See Silva as you have never seen him before…Chris Silva put together this edit that’s full of alternate angles from his section in our AMN DVD. If you haven’t seen Any Mean Necessary yet, scroll down and watch the whole DVD.

Catching Up With: Chris Silva


Chris Silva has a compulsion to document. If he’s not filming for our upcoming DVD he’ll be filming for another project. If not another project, he’ll be stacking clips for something in the future or just for himself. Every time he comes back from a trip he’ll send over a photo journal of stuff that he shot on his phone while he’s out enjoying himself. With suitable riding weather starting to come to a close in eastern Canada we caught up with Silva to talk about this past year, traveling, DVDs, web edits, cameras, his riding and the desire to document. Click below to read our interview with him.

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Chris Silva Interview – Pandect Zine


“I spend 75% of the time on my BMX looking for something new to ride and film.” – Chris Silva

Pandect Zine has posted their interview with Silva about spot hunting from their first issue. Chris goes deep about the thrill and drive to search for spots, rail manoeuvres, and touchier subjects regarding spot etiquette. There are a lot of good quotes to pull, so click here to read the whole interview, then go explore where you live.

Chris Silva – QSS #3 Canada

Animal posted their ‘Canada’ section from their QSS #3 video, and some of the footage might be a couple years old by now, but Silva comes through with a few banging rail clips at the 0:30 mark with some wild hair too.

Random Photo: Silva in Austin

austin silva leonard

Here’s a random photo of Chris Silva back when he was in Austin at everybody’s favourite new ditch with Charlie Crumlish. Photo by Jack Leonard.