Antoine Nau Varsity Bike Check


Antoine Nau recently built up a new Varsity frame and MacNeil kit, courtesy of the guys at Unleaded BMX in France. They sent us a few photos of his très bien new bike that you can check out after the jump. If you are in Europe and looking for MacNeil products this holiday season, don’t forget some of the Christmas deals they have going on.

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Crazy Christmas Deals @ Unleaded!

macneil pack varsity black 800

Unleaded BMX in France have some great holiday sales going on right now. For a limited time they have this amazing kit with a black Varsity frame, black CKS forks, and black 9″ Tabarnak bars on sale, or the same bundle but with chrome forks and bars. If you’re in France, or anywhere in the EU, hit them up for your Christmas wish list and save big!

Tabarnak: Devil Is In The Details


Looking for new handlebars? Our Tabarnak bars could be the best choice you could make. They are available in 3 different sizes (8.25″, 8.75″, and 9″), with 12 degrees of backsweep and 1 degree of upsweep, full post weld heat treatment, masked off stem clamping section, multi butted tubing, and a 19mm OD cross bar with and beautiful details like this engraved logo. You can also find them in a variety of colours such as ED black, Varsity green (limited edition), Varsity purple (limited edition), matte red, raw, and chrome. Hit up your favourite local MacNeil dealer or mailorder to get a pair on your bike today.

Terry Carson’s Calico V2


Terry Carson, proprietor of Wheelies BMX Shop, sent in a photo of his new Calico V2 with CKS forks, Tabarnak bars, Top Notch V2 stem, Network wheels, and a lot more. Proof that even an old guy can ride a new school setup.



Don’t forget that our popular Tabarnak handlebars are available in 8.25″, 8.75″, and 9″ rise. They are available in black, raw, purple, red, and chrome, and are ridden by our entire team. Get the rest of the specs here and hit up your local shop or mailorder to get your hands on some.

One Hot Product – Tabarnak Bars

Darcy Saccucci gives you all the details about our Tabarnak bars for RideBMX.