Shawn Franz The Art of BMX

The Art of BMX from Graham McCallum on Vimeo.

Graham McCallum teamed up with team rider Shawn Franz to shoot this video entitled “The Art of BMX” for a school project. Check it out!

Braden Beck 2015

Braden Beck 2015 from MACNEIL BMX on Vimeo.

Saskatchewan’s number one son, Braden Beck takes us on a tour of the spots in Saskatoon and shows us what’s what from every corner of the Bridge City. It’s rumoured that one clip in here took over 100 hundred tries.
Thanks to Kelly Bragg at Spoke ’N’ Sport and Pete Olsen for filming. Edited by Braden himself.

Gabe Truax 2015

Gabe just had his 2015 edit go up on The Come Up and it is straight fire! Hit play and enjoy!

Filmed by Matt Drew, Dan Cauchi and edited by Charlie Crumlish.

Chijioke Okafo Bike Check


Spotted this bike check of Chijioke’s dope new Calico splatter job over on Northern Embassy. Check it out here.

Chris Silva – BMX Double Peg-Less To BB Grind

Chris Silva showing what it took to get his ender from our Any Means Necessary DVD. This session was filmed April 21st 2013.
Filmed by Chijioke Okafo & Mike Headford.

Shawn Franz in Van

Shawn Franz In Van from MACNEIL BMX on Vimeo.

Shawn and his buddy Phil were out in Van in middle of October. A risky move considering this part of Canada can be super wet at that time of the year. They did have to dodge some puddles and rain clouds but with some luck and determination they fired together this edit of some of Vancouver’s most well know spots. Amos even makes an appearance! Check it out. Filmed and edited by Philippe Bellefeuille.

Amos Franke 2015 Adventures

MacNeil Amos Franke 2015 from MACNEIL BMX on Vimeo.

You’d be in tough to find someone that enjoys their riding time as much as Amos does. At every spot he’s the first guy to start riding and at the end of the session he’s always the last one to leave. Here’s an edit of him lurking around Vancouver and making the most of every spot he comes across.

Tell Him – Eh Roy
Nerve Damage – Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Filmed and Edited by Zach Rampen



In early August John Manaras and the rest of the Rideon team travelled to Cyprus for a
week of vacation, riding and filming. Despite the high levels of temperatures and
humiditity, Jason Eustathiou, Dimos Ganiatsas and John Manaras were able to ride all
day long, searching for the most unique spots and tearing apart every one of them.
Thanks to John for sending this one through.


MacNeil’s number one spot hunter, Chris Silva has put together this self filmed, tripod edit for the Embassy site. Silva is crazy. Sorry about the drips.

Fabien Dulong in Bangkok

Check out this edit of Fabien Dulong filmed by his girlfriend during a session on his trip to Bangkok!

Any Means Necessary

If you haven’t already seen our latest team video, ‘Any Means Necessary.’, it is now online for you to check out. Featuring: Brandon Webster, Sam Lowe, John Manaras, Fabian Dulong, Antoine Nau, Alexi Barau, Amos Franke, Jaumell Campbell, Greg Henry, Nathan Hines, Greg Flag, Chijioke Okafo, Jack Leonard, Adam Piatek and Chris Silva. Hosted by Deaner of Fubar fame. Click play and enjoy!

Shawn Franz Welcome to the Team Edit

Song: Big Brother – David Bowie
Filmed and Edited by Colin Theissen

Putting Shawn Franz on our team was an obvious choice for us. Watch this welcome edit and you’ll see why. Incredible pop coupled with serious skills make him a great all around shredder. Welcome to the team Shawn, we’re proud to have you as part of our crew.

Gabe Truax Vancouver Edit

Inflow skatepark progeny Gabe Truax flew out from Southern Ontario to check out all that Vancouver has to offer. He put together this edit of his time out here on the coast. Thanks to Andrew Gobbo for filming and the hospitality. Filmed by Andrew Gobbo, edited by Gabe.

Chijioke Top 5 Tracks

Matt Barnes photo

We asked our boy Chijioke for his Top 5 Tracks. Check them out after the jump.

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