Catching Up With: Chris Silva


Chris Silva has a compulsion to document. If he’s not filming for our upcoming DVD he’ll be filming for another project. If not another project, he’ll be stacking clips for something in the future or just for himself. Every time he comes back from a trip he’ll send over a photo journal of stuff that he shot on his phone while he’s out enjoying himself. With suitable riding weather starting to come to a close in eastern Canada we caught up with Silva to talk about this past year, traveling, DVDs, web edits, cameras, his riding and the desire to document. Click below to read our interview with him.

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Random Photo: Dillon Lloyd Double Kink

Here’s a photo of Dillon laying down a double peg on a big double kink in to the abyss to start off a line in Toronto.

Eastern Canada Tour!!!


That’s right, we’ve been talking about it for a bit, but here is the official info for our Eastern Canada tour starting next Friday! We are heading out there for the Ten Pack Re-Session Tour and like you can see above, Alistair Whitton, Jaumell Campbell, Chris Martindale, Travis Sexsmith, and myself will all be on the trip and we are David Lang along to document the whole thing! Casey Stein, who won our “You’re A Man Now” contest will be meeting up with us, we are going to do some jams, hit a few bike shops, and no matter what, we are going to have an amazing trip! Here’s an outline of where we will be and what we’ll be doing. If you are in any of the cities we’ll be in, make sure to come out and say what’s up! We’ll also be doing web updates the whole way, so if you can’t make it out to one of the stops, make sure to check the site and see what kind of mess we get into!

June 6- Toronto- Riding at the Animal Street Jam. Location to be announced at
June 7- Toronto- Filming street.
June 10- Montreal- We’re going to be at Element 51 shop in the afternoon and then the Taz Mahal park Jam. The park will stay open late for a bike only session.
June 11- Street Jam in Montreal- Time and location to be announced on and
June 12- Pick up Casey from the Airport and pre birthday party.
June 13- Chilling at Joe Mammas in the morning. Ottawa Park Jam in the afternoon. Casey’s birthday party that night.
June 14- Ottawa- Filming street.

Toronto Webit

Kym Grosser, Jaumell Campbell, and I went to Toronto this past summer with some of the Kink guys; Jay Roe, Tom Dillon, James Steele, and Tony Hamlin, as well as Colony’s Mic Bayzand, to hit up a few of the Ten Pack Am contests and ride some street. Chris Silva was our tour guide and he took us to some great spots! We were out there for a little over a week and got some rad clips… It took forever for me to put it together, but none the less, the guys killed it and the video turned out great. P.S. I’m sick of the term “web video” so from now on, I’m calling them “webits” haha… so bad!

Here’s a link to the quicktime if you want to watch it in better quality.