Sick As Hell-O-Ween Jam Video!

This past weekend we had our second annual Sick As Hell-O-Ween Jam in Vancouver with Wheelies BMX Shop and with perfect timing today on Halloween we bring you a video of it. We had a full day of riding, costumes, BBQ’d goodness and a ton of fun. An awesome crew came out to enjoy the day and everyone killed it. Check it out and have a great Halloween.

Jeff, Silva, and Taylor in Vancouver

Jeff and Silva flew out to Vancouver and met up with Taylor Elvy back in August for an Animal Bikes trip. They had a jam at the Chuck Bailey skatepark, cruised some streets, and even hit a swimming hole. Check out this video of their time out there. Sam Lowe even sneaks a clip in too.

Jeff Kocsis Word Association


Back in August Jeff visited BC for the first time, and his whole trip he was waiting to ride some historic Vancouver parks and snake runs, so on his last day we made it happen. He was quickly riding the place like he was a local and blasting tables and 270s all over the place. We thought we would get inside Jeff’s head a bit more and did some word association with him. Check it out after the jump, along with some more photos shot by Zach Rampen.

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Chris Silva’s Vancouver Photo Journal

ubc sesh

Chris Silva was out on the west coast in and around Vancouver for just under a month. Wherever Chris goes, his camera phone goes too, and you know he’ll be taking photos the entire time. Check out another instalment of his photo journal after the jump.

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Lil’ Jeff in Vancouver


Jeff has been out in Vancouver for the last week on an Animal/Ten Pack trip and on his last day wanted to visit some of the popular and famous bowls and snake runs that the city has to offer. Here he is blasting the Seylynn snake run like a local. Photo by Chijo Okafo.

What Would Rambo Do?


Check the spread from issue 177 of RideUK BMX Magazine by Mike King about the trials and tribulations of filming Dillon’s Welcome To Vans video that dropped the other day, with him destroying spots all over Vancouver. The big whip in to the Georgia bank shot by Dave Scott. You can find the magazine on newstands everywhere now.

Dillon Lloyd – Welcome to Vans

Dill has been getting some help from Vans for a little while now, but this makes it official. Check out his awesome ‘Welcome To The Team’ video above. A couple months ago he came out to Vancouver, BC and spent a few weeks with Mike King to work on this, and bad weather and torn ligaments didn’t slow him down at all. The two worked hard and Dill shut down spots all over Vancouver. Look for an accompanying article in RideUK soon too. Pop off.

Kyle Lee Getting Hiiiiigh


We recently hooked up Vancouver local Kyle Lee with a new frame and he came back with these photos of him going hiiiiigh, shot by Shawn Duffield. Check out a couple more after the jump.

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Dillon’s Vancouver Layover With A Hangover

Dillon was flying from Montreal to Hong Kong for Eclat‘s Kings of Kong tour and had a two day layover in Vancouver. After getting loose on the Friday, he was hit with a hangover on Saturday, but didn’t let it slow him down at all for his short time on the west coast. Northern Embassy followed him around for the day as he hit some trails, parks, and ate some pizza. Appearances include Jeff Evans, Jeremy Deme, and oh yah, Jay Miron.

Propellor Design


Jay and I went over to the Propellor Design studio in Vancouver today. They are curating a bicycle based art show in Vancouver and we were chatting about some stuff for the show. They do a lot of wood based project and focus on lighting and furniture. Their site has a bunch of examples of their work and they have a pretty rad studio. I snapped a few random photo while we were there. Check em out after the jump!

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