Throwback Thursdays with Greg Flag

The dudes at Northern Embassy tossed up this rad Throwback Thursday edit of the one-and-only Greg Flag from the Presence DVD in 2008. There’s so much wild shit in here so sit back and enjoy!

Jack Leonard – 2014 Edit

Jack Leonard is one of those riders who can ride a curb, a bump or a crack in the sidewalk for hours and make it looks so damn good and this edit is proof positive of that. This one’s short and sweet but, never fear, Jack’s always cookin’ up more in the lab. Press play and watch the dude get down and go follow him on Instagram at @rajaclonked.

John Alden – Welcome to the Team

John Alden has officially been on the team for a bit now and has been killing it putting in work on this ‘Welcome to the Team’ edit. Big thanks to Fudger and Ride for premiering this one for us. We’re real psyched to have John on the team and for good reason, so many wild moves from this pegless shredder. Press play and enjoy this one. Welcome to the team, John!

Filmed by Zach Rampen, Mike Procyk, Austin Odegnal, Travis Kozie & Mike Orita
Edited by John Alden
Thumbnail photo by Colton Ponto
Music: Lotus Plaza – Jet Out of the Tundra

Adam Piatek Random Edit

This weekend is the last long weekend of the summer so here’s a little something to get stoked on getting outside to enjoy it. Adam Piatek shreds some Vancouver area parks and trails in this edit filmed by Rhett Cerney and Pawel Podgorny and edited by Rhett Cerney. Quit stressin’ and have some fun!

John Manaras in ‘Forget About It’

Our Greek connection, John Manaras, and the Bogiatiland crew just finished and premiere their new video, ‘Forget About It’, last week. John’s been killin’ it this past season and this edit gives you an idea of what to expect from his part in ‘Any Means Necessary,’ coming soon. Thanks to the dudes at TCU for dropping this one for us. Filmed and edited by Anas Mansour.

Adam Piatek – Street/Park Mix

‘Young Gun’ Adam Piatek has been busy stacking a ton of clips for our upcoming DVD and in the meantime had some stuff to put toward a few edits. Here’s his first of 2014 featuring a mix of street and park clips filmed around the Vancouver area.

Filmed by: Paweł Podgorny
Edited by: Adam Piatek
Music: Outkast – Player’s Ball

Greg Goes To Space

“Every night I fall asleep to the same documentary about the universe.” – Greg Flag

Greg Flag has been quietly filming with several different people for a while now and gathering footage. Enter the worm hole that is his mind and enjoy his newest video.

Song: Wild in the Streets – Garland Jeffreys
Filmed by Taylor Elvy, Luke Santucci, Sean Cooke, Andrew Gobbo, Brad Hill and Zach Rampen
Edited by Zach Rampen

Alley Session

A quick afternoon edit in the back alley with Greg Flag and Taylor Elvy. Filmed by Jereme Deme and edited by Harrison… Check it!

New Sergei Gal Edit

Here’s another dope indoor edit from our Ukrainian rider, Sergei Gal. Can’t wait ’til the weather gets better over there to see him shred the shit out of some street spots!

Embassy X Macneil

Jeremy from Northern Embassy has been riding and filming with a few of our team guys all season and put together this great edit. Features Dillon LLoyd, Greg Flag, George Bolter and Andrew Lazaruk riding parks around Vancouver and a couple clips in Montreal.

How To Be The Jerk Women Love – 2nd Ed.

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Ali sent over this link… I guess this is what you do in Greenville if it snows.

Ali’s New Bike

Ali’s new signature bike is going to be out soon and he just built up his first production sample. He put together a rad video of the build up as well as some clips of his first day riding the bike at the Unit! We’ll have all the details on his bike soon, but it’s going to be SICK!

Gary Young’s Odyssey Part

The Odyssey video was amazing and Gary opened up the video with a section that few people will ever be able to forget. It looks like Odyssey is releasing the whole video on their site and have just released Gary’s whole section. Check it out and make sure to buy the DVD, cus watching it on your big ass TV is waaaay better!


Old Kym Grosser Edit

This is an old edit that Kym brought into the office the other day of him and his boy Liam Fahy-Hampton filming with MTV Australia. MTV followed them around for a day and did a feature of what it’s like to film for BMX… So MTV was filming them filming…. haha.