Shawn Franz Welcome to the Team Edit

Song: Big Brother – David Bowie
Filmed and Edited by Colin Theissen

Putting Shawn Franz on our team was an obvious choice for us. Watch this welcome edit and you’ll see why. Incredible pop coupled with serious skills make him a great all around shredder. Welcome to the team Shawn, we’re proud to have you as part of our crew.

Dillon Lloyd – Welcome to Vans

Dill has been getting some help from Vans for a little while now, but this makes it official. Check out his awesome ‘Welcome To The Team’ video above. A couple months ago he came out to Vancouver, BC and spent a few weeks with Mike King to work on this, and bad weather and torn ligaments didn’t slow him down at all. The two worked hard and Dill shut down spots all over Vancouver. Look for an accompanying article in RideUK soon too. Pop off.