Brandon Webster

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I’m a bit…of a perfectionist, gotta do things right when it comes to riding!
I didn’t have…a BMX bike until I was 14.
I could have…been a rapper.
Every man should…wear high socks.
I’m not…a city person.
I don’t like…onions. They’re pointless and disgusting.
Religion has…a lot to teach people. I’ve never gotten into it but I’m sure I’d like to learn a little about it someday.
One positive thing…is summer in Canada, it’s the best place to be.
The thing I love…most in life is my dogs.
Yes it’s true…I used to mountain bike.
Fighting for…the right to party.
Money makes…mo problems.
I’m constantly…thinking of riding no matter what I’m doing.
If everyone knew…how cool Canada is they’d probably move here.
I collect…hats.
Sex is…for living creatures to partake in.
A few years ago…I used to play rep basketball seriously.
I always wanted…to climb to the top of Mt. Everest.
The number one…thing to do in life is fish, everyone should try it.
One of the problems…with BMX is haters.
We all have…the need for dogs in our lives.
People wanted me…to go right to university after school, but I still feel the need to be a child and I have the feeling that university or college would take that away from me. Maybe one day.
There is no limit to…anything, if you believe in it, you can make it happen.
The only thing on TV…worth watching are the free movie channels, TV shows are too boring.
When the time comes…I will become a professional fisherman.
What happens in…Rob Ford’s office for real?