Chris Silva

  • DOB: JULY 2ND 1984
  • country: Canada
  • years riding: 15


I’m a bit… old now that I’ve answered “Years riding” and realized it’s been so long.
I didn’’t have… a light bike when I was a kid cause everything in 1996 weighed 40 lbs.
I could have… had a part in the TenPack video if I didn’t fold my ankle in half.
Every man should… have a mustache once in his life.
I’m not… more of a man because I’ve had many mustaches.
I don’t like… when people ask me what trick I’m about to do.
Religion has… a lot to learn from Neil Young.
One positive thing… about being hurt is that you realize how much fun riding really is.
The thing I love… is sleeping.
Yes it’s true… I have done a fist pump after landing a trick or two.
Money makes… people unhappy, except me.
I’m constantly… eating sunflower seeds.
If everybody knew… I actually use a stunt double for all my video parts.
Sex is… never safe with me.
A few years ago… I wondered when I was going to be on the Macneil Team.
I always wanted… to be on the Team and now I am.
The number one… thing on my mind is BMX.
One of the problems… about thinking about BMX all the time is that there is more to life than just that.
We all have… secrets.
People wanted me… to tell them my secrets but I can’t.
There is no limit to… the universe.
The only thing on TV… I watch is History and Discovery.
When the time comes… I’ll know when to retire, but it’s not happening yet!
What happens in… the streets of Toronto stays in the streets of Toronto.
I’m lucky… to have great family and friends.