Greg Flag

  • DOB: JANUARY 28, 1989
  • country: Canada
  • years riding: 10


I’m a bit… of a daydreamer.
I didn’t have… my cats claws removed.
I could have… but then they would be pussies.
Every man should… grow a really kick-ass mustache.
I’m not… going to read a romance novel.
I don’t like… not having fun.
Religion has… it’s followers, but i’m not one of them.
One positive thing… the glass is always half full!
The thing I love… is barbecue Doritos.
Yes it’s true… I eat a bag every day,
Fighting for… them has happened before.
Money makes… buying the good snacks easier.
I’’m constantly… listening to a song in my head.
I’f everyone knew… that the world was going to come to an end as we knew it in one year, the world would be much more like Mad Max 2.
I collect… vinyl records and foreign coins.
Sex is… a battle between pleasure and endurance.
A few years ago… I had no money so I pretended two slices of bread was a turkey sandwich.
I always wanted… to try living in the woods for a month, just to see if I could do it.
The number one… is the loneliest number.
One of the problems… with grandparents (love em to death don’t get me wrong) is that they think we ride skateboards.
We all have… really good ideas, so don’t keep them to yourself! You might change the world!
People wanted me… to order a pizza with them, but i said “Nah man i’m OK, i had a big lunch”
There is no limit to… how many vegetables you can eat.
The only thing on TV… Hockey Night in Canada.
When the time comes… I’m gonna buy that Honda Civic hatchback, and set it on fire.
What happens in… the next 10 minutes? It could be nothing, it could be life changing!
I’m lucky… to have met all the people I’ve met in my life and wouldn’t change it for a thing.