Where are you from? Seattle, Wa.
Birth date? November 13 1980.
Home town? Woodinville Wa.
Coolest guy on the team? Me by far.
What kind of rider are you? I'm a well-rounded rider that's not really good at anything.
How long is your seat post sticking out of the frame? More then Harrisons less then Jays.
Favorite riding spot? Backyard mini.
Favorite rider not on MacNeil? Corey Bohan, Morgan Wade, Chase Hawk.
How wide are your bars? Uncut macneil talls, what ever that is.
Highest bunny hop? 45 or 46inches.
Best trick you invented? Table top, haha.
Worst trick you invented? It's a toss up, Scuba diver or double crankflip no footed cancan, we're talking 1997,98.
What kind of cell phone do you own? Samsung, it's small enough to fit in to your slim fit girl pants even with over 400 numbers in it.
Vacation, Los Vegas or sandy beach? Sandy beach.
Paris or london? Paris.
Small town hick or big city bastard? Small time hick in the day big city blasterd at night.
Can you play a musical instrument? Piano.
Top five favorite web sites? Craigslist, limewire, myspace, tmz and craigslist.
Other sports besides BMX? Weightlifting, snowboarding and shootin skeet.
Brakes or sole of shoe? Brake in the back shoe in the front.
Favorite place on earth? My bed.
Best thing ever? Good trails & wide mini ramps.
Electric car or pave the rain forest? Pave the forest for my electric hummer.
What‚s your gear ratio? 28 10.
How much pressure do you have in your tires? 110 in the back 90 in the front Hard nock life.
Right or left side sprocket? Right.
Do you like to drive or fly? I like driving but hate traffic I like flying but hate airports.
Apple or PC? Apple a day! PC =Pile of Crap.
Full face, Pro Tec, or nothing? Nothing, I don't fall on my head.
Have you ever read anything interesting about you on the internet? Yes.
Do you own a house? Im trying to right now.
Dream car? I don't have one.
Current car? Toyota Tacoma.
How many X-Games have you been in? NONE!
Past injuries? Broken toes, fingers, nose, teeth, both arms, about 80 stitches and 3 surgeries left side of face left knee and left arm.
Current injuries? Sore back & a Broken ego.
If i had a million dollars... I'd make another million.
When I wake up hung over... I check my wallet then get pissed.
Thing you always forget to pack for trips? Shorts.
In 10 years I’m going to... rest for a minute im a psycho right now.
In 10 hours I’m going to... be on flight 5811 to Fiji
In 10 min I'm going to... send this email back to Harrison