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Portugal - Rapit
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Taiwan - Iron Horse BMX
Singapore - Tiong Hin Company Tyre
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Poland - Proletaryat BMX
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Russia - B.O.G. Sport Co.
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Estonia - OÜ V. Kase
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Slovak Republic- Katmar Bike Center
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Ukraine- Veloplaneta
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China- CHT Distributor

FAQ & Warranty Info.
MacNeil warranty info
MacNeil Bikes frame, fork and handlebars are warranted to the original purchaser for a period of 90 days, to be free from defects in workmanship and material. Proof of purchase is required to validate protection under this limited warranty. MacNeil Bikes, Inc. will make all necessary repairs and/or replacements. This warranty is made by MacNeil Bikes, Inc. No person, including the dealer is authorized to make any representation or warranty on behalf of MacNeil Bikes, Inc. and MacNeil Bikes, Inc. assumes no responsibility thereof. All claims must be made in writing within 10 days after the discovery of the claimed defect. To obtain repairs or replacements within the terms of the warranty, contact for further instruction.

Normal wear, accident, abuse, neglect, improper assembly, improper maintenance by other than an authorized dealer is not covered by this warranty. Bending or denting is excluded in this warranty. Bending is a sign of rider abuse or punishment and is therefore not covered in this limited warranty. We will not be responsible for any costs, losses and/or damages incurred as the result of use of this product.
For all warranty issues, please contact MacNeil via e-mail at -

MacNeil FAQ'S
How do I get stickers and a catalog?
You can send in $3 (please send check or money order only) for some stickers and a catalog. Please address your request to "MacNeil Stickers" The address is on our contact page.
Will MacNeil sponsor me?
A big part of being sponsored is skill level but the biggest part is your attitude to the sport and to your fellow riders, so we usually only sponsor riders that we meet riding and hanging out. That doesn't mean you shouldn't send in a tape. It's a good way to meet us.
Where is the closest MacNeil dealer to me?
We don't have dealer lists for every country because we have distributors in different countries. You can check with the distributor in your country for dealers in your area.
What is the warranty on MacNeil products?
MacNeil products have a 90-day warranty against manufacturer defects.
Can MacNeil make me a custom frame or do a custom paint job?
We do not do any custom frames or paint jobs. We're proud of the fact that the frames we sell are the same frames our team rides.
What is the price of MacNeil parts?
We don't quote retail prices because they vary from country to country. You should contact your local MacNeil dealer to check on prices.
Where are MacNeil products made?
All of the MacNeil products are manufactured in Taiwan.
What is the weight of ...? What is the length of ...?
Questions about the specs of parts can be found in the products section of our website.
I see products on your website that aren't available in my country? How can I get them?
Let your local MacNeil dealer know that you want them. Distributors in different countries choose what to bring in and what not to. If you let your shop know you want a product, they will let the distributor know and if enough people do that then the distributor will probably decide to bring it in.
For all other issues, please contact MacNeil via e-mail at -