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Jan 30, 2006
NEW MacNeil Sticker Packs

Here's an overview of the sticker pack.
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We've got a new sticker pack, and it's been out for a little while (so they're probably already in shops), but we keep forgetting to put it up on the site. Jay's been stickering a few different things that just randomly lay around the office, and he's been picking on people in magazines (like this ad with Ali).

It's a 5 color sticker pack (on transparent vinyl) with black, white, bright green, metallic olive and metallic yellow and it's full of all kinds of randomness, and there's plenty of stickers in the package, ranging from larger to smaller ones that'll work well on your cell phone, iPod, etc. Start stickerin'...


Jan 27, 2006
Sad news for MacNeil – Johnny's leaving us

I just had to fuck with you one last time Johnny, love Miron.
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It’s a sad day for us here at MacNeil. As of Feb. 1st, John Heaton will no longer be riding for MacNeil. He’ll be riding for Volume in 2006.

It’s a pretty hard hit for the company, John’s been on the team since before we even had any products to sell, and he was the second guy after Ruben to get a pro model frame with us. I had a long talk with John, I think it’s going to be best for both him and us.

Heaton, who just recently made the move out to Vancouver from Hamilton had this to say, “I’ve had the time of my life riding for MacNeil, but it's time to move on and I’m really excited to be riding for Volume Bikes. I see great things in my future, but I want to first thank everyone at MacNeil for the support and great memories.”

John and MacNeil are parting ways on great terms, John’s like family here, and we hope the best for him.

-- Jay


Jan 24, 2006
Ali, Gary and Josh Harrington in New Zealand

Josh Harrington and Ali take a side-hack for a ride in New Zealand.

Ali and Gary just got home from their trip over to New Zealand for the X-Air contest. Sounds like the guys had a pretty good weekend, with Ali taking 3rd, Gary taking 5th and Josh sandwiched betwen the guys in 4th place in street. Ali put together this little video of himself and the king of toys, Josh Harrington as they get their hands on a side-hack BMX and take Team Oakley to the streets and hills of New Zealand.

Click here to check out the video (3.1MB QuickTime .mov file)


Jan 23, 2006
Some photos from the team

Brian Vowell and Freimuth.
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Nina and Tony both sent pictures a little while back from their New Years celebrations, so I thought I'd finally get around to posting them. Tony spent his New Year's at Freimuth's place in Appleton, and it also just happened to be Brian Kachinsky's birthday.

Here's a couple pics... The birthday boy, Kachinsky  |  Dave, what's up


Nina boozin' it up
mmmm... booze, and more proof that Wiz has indeed cut the dreads off (far right).
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Nina wanted us to know that while Texas was on fire, she's all good. Even though she's moving out of Texas in a little while (she must really like moving or something). Looks like Pittsburgh is the next stop on the Nina tour, and she's going to be moving in with Stacey Mulligan sometime in February. Here's what she had to say:

"Stacey needed a roommate, so I said I was down! Yeah I'm sort of bouncing around all over the place, but as far as my trail and street riding mission goes, pittsburgh is gonna be sick! Living with Stacey is going to be such a trip too! I can't wait! It figures now that I'm planning to leave texas, that after weeks of ice storms, that the weather becomes nice again, they start to build more cement parks and my job decides to give me a raise... I should pretend to leave next time and stay to enjoy the benefits! Pittsburgh is gonna rock though, and I'll be driving up for the Toronto Metro Jam, and be way closer to home (NY)... so I'm psyched.

-- nina b.

Here's some pic's from Nina.

This is what it looks like on my way to work everyday - This is what it looks like on my way to work everyday, I took this one down the block from my apartment – "statewide fire ban" signs all over.

New Year's pit stop at "The Gute's" house.

We ended up at some bar called The Jackalope..(check the jackelope in the background).

Outside of The Ritz... Indeed, have a brutal New Year.


Did you notice the Toronto Metro Jam banner up there too? The new website just went up, including a huge photo gallery from the Vancouver Metro, so it's worth checking out.


Jan 22, 2006
A few more photos from the Estonia contest

Gary invert over the hip
Classic style over the hip for Gary.
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Risto, one of the organizers of the Pop! Session contest in Estonia sent us an email with a few more photos of our guys. The photos are by Timo Toots and Kay Klauberg, except the photo of Robin, that one is by Pekka Kemmpi.

Click here to check out the photos


Jan 17, 2006
Robin Fenlon and Chris Martados' photos and reports from the Estonia contest last weekend...

Gary hair products
Gary takes a time out between runs to take advantage of the free hair products. Photo: Robin
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Robin and Chris both sent in some pics and reports from the Estonia contest, so here they are – we'll start with Robin's...

Click here to see Robin's Estonia photos

This past weekend I travelled to Estonia. For those who don't know where it is you will find it somewhere between Russia and Finland. It's very cold and alot of fun. The trip got off to a bad start after the airline lost my bike, but I attempted to ride somebody else's, but it's like trying to ride a horse compared to my bike. I thought about complaining to the airline but they are low-budget as it is and probably have themselves pretty well covered. I ended up getting my bike on the day of finals, so I got to ride the course and get a couple of things filmed and photographed.

I had a great time partying, every night we were coming home at 6am, that probably sounds pretty hardcore but its like a time shift. Usually I would get up at 9am but every day it was 2pm, usually I would come home from the bar at 2am so it all works out. I got to see Benny shred. He ruled qualifying and did a couple of tricks I haven't seen before – like a corkscrew backflip and some huge three whips... As normal Benny was surrounded by hot chicks...

I got to hang out with Gary a little bit which was good fun, I would like to more... He also kicked some ass and did a gnarly downside icepick transfer on the big wallride, he got second. A friend of mine who I traveled with took a slam on an icepick over on a subrail. I could see him on the megascreen and I thought his crash was pretty funny. What I didn't realize was that his brake lever had stabbed him in the thigh and was lodged in there! A security guard pulled it out and the blood came, the paramedics started screaming and he got really scared. I did too. He thought he was going to die. I aborted my run in the comp and went to hospital with him where they stitched him up internally and externally – luckily the lever didn't pierce the vain. He didn't even cut his brake lever down! He is doing good now.

The whole weekend was pretty funny and it was fun to meet all the people from Finland and northern Europe. I even met a guy who drove me and Ted Hale from Marseille to Montpellier a few years ago. Other than that trip I haven't been up to much, just trying to come up with new ideas for Roundabout. We have hoodies and t-shirts now with girls clothing on the way. I also did a small interview on Defgrip.com, Harrison's website with other bmx'ers regarding anything creative that they see. Skins?

-- Robin


Benny 3whip over the box
Benny said he was gonna chill out on the partying a bit this year, and finish well at contests... 3whip to 3rd place in Estonia. Photo: The Ghost
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And here's Chris' version of the trip/contest...

Click here to see Chris' Estonia photos

You have to go next year! Oh my god! I noticed two things, that there is no sun and no ugly girls in estonia!! How is that possible? All the girls there are EXTREMELY hot!! I bet that the hottest Red Bull girls ever are in estonia! You just have to see them! ha ha...

That's all I remember from there, and Gary doing a down side ice pick at the top of the wall! I think I got 30th and Robin got 36th! I crashed two times on the box jump! Fuck the box jump! The organizing of the whole thing was really really good. I have so much fun there! I wish I had more pictures to send you, but I was so lazy to get them. Now I'm sick at home and drinking tea! Talk to you soon!

-- Ghost


Jan 13, 2006
The new frames, forks and bars got in today

Nick and Dan in the rain
No shortage of sweet new colors on all the new frames.
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All the new Young, Heaton II, Team Issue and Deuce Deuce frames got in today at Ten Pack. New ID Forks and Light Bars in Metal Chocolate were also included in that order, so we'll get new photos of all the frames and their color ways into the products section really soon.

Chris Martados also sent in some photos from the Estonia contest, so I 'll add that to the story and pics Robin sent in the next couple of days.

Oh, and in case you're counting... today was day 25 of consecutive rain up in here in Vancouver and the Northwest.


Jan 12, 2006
Gary new bike photos, Shoe-G new bike photos, Freimuth's out with a bad knee, and other team news...

Nick and Dan in the rain
This picture just couldn't be more appropriate for the weather we're dealing with. Nick Halsey and Dan Montgomery showing off the must-have fashion accessory of the week.
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Life in the Northwest has been pretty miserable lately. We're well on our way to setting a record for rain... As of today, 24 consecutive days of rain, and there's no end in sight. Harrison (seen here, jumping for joy [not because of the rain]) just sent me this... "I've been spending my weekdays in Seattle enjoying the record breaking rain streak. We are on the 24th day and the record is 33 days of consecutive rain set in 1953. I'm pretty sure we'll beat it. But I 've been able to ride a bit at a secret indoor spot, and at the outdoor parks when there is a few hours of no rain during the sporadic weather. I 've been spending the weekends in Vancouver with my girlfriend and hanging with Darcy and the Beast when they are around. Defgrip has been keeping me creative. I 've been working on some new stuff and if you didn't catch it, check out the interview I did with Robin. He came through with some great stuff. I 'll be heading down to L.A. on the 19th to do some riding and a little interview for Ride UK. I'm meeting up with Ronnie B. and hitting the Agenda trade show in S.D. Other than that I 've been getting good at surviving with no sleep."


Gary's new bike
We got Gary to shoot some pics of his new bike before he took off for the contest in Estonia this past weekend.
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Gary went over to Estonia for the Pop! Session contest this past weekend. He ended up taking second at the contest, and Benny Korthaus took the 3rd spot. It sounds like the airline lost Gary's luggage on the way over – not exactly the best news when you fly into a very cold country during the peak of Winter. Where the hell is Estonia you're probably asking yourself. Well, it's right here, sandwiched between Stockholm and Moscow (thank you GoogleEarth). Anyway, we got Gary to shoot some photos of his new bike just before he took off, so here's some pictures of his new bike not completely assembled. | pic 1 | pic 2 |  In the first photo you can see the sample Fat Capital seat Gary's riding in this photo (the new seats will be available in March)


Heaton II colorway
Here's the first look at the HeatonII color way.
click here for larger

Young frame colorway
And here's the color way for the Young frames.
click here for larger

Shoe-G's new Young frame
Shoe-G's new bike, he put together a Young frame.
click here for larger

Shoe-G invert
Shoe-G invert at his local park in Japan.
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Shoe-G sent us some pics of his new bike too. He just put together a new bike with one of the red Young frames, and wanted to let us know that Zen Distribution in Japan have received their new frames. Above are the first look at the color ways of the new HeatonII and Young frames. Unless you read Japanese, you're gonna have a hell of a time navigating around the site, but I just look at the pictures, and guess where the links are gonna take me, which is pretty fun anyway.

John Heaton is down in California for the Etnies team photo/video shoot. Lucky him, at least he gets to see the sun sometime this month.


Freimuth and son
Freimuth just had knee surgery, so he'll be off his bike for a while, but on the bright side, he can hang out with his son Thompson a bit more.
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Dave is recuperating from knee surgery, and isn't expected back on his bike 'til March. Dave sent us over a few gross pictures to share. Here's what he had to say... "Here's a couple shots after I took off my bandages last week. It's really not as bad as it looks. That wire in the photo is a catheter that pumps pain medication right into the center of my knee. it helped so much. I never really had any pain in there the whole first three days. I'm already off my crutches and going to physical therapy twice a week. It still feels weak and crappy, but it gets a little better every day. Probably be back on my bike mid to late March, back to normal mid to late April. if all goes well, keep your finger's crossed for me." Dave wanted us to mention the Local Exposure Tour video again... and to say that Brandon Hoerres is amazing. Dave's looking into getting a mini ramp built in his backyard this spring, especially now that Area 51 is now closed.


Ali and Lindsay
Ali and Lindsay.

Ali was down in Florida for New Years. "I was in Florida for New Years, I went to watch Penn State play in the Orange Bowl... They won in triple overtime... Nail biting stuff, 77,750 people screaming for football, pretty good atmosphere. The USA Sky Dive Team dropped in to say hello, then 3 fighter jets flew over... With tail-gaiting and watching the game we were there for 9 hours... Too much football... Me and Linds had a lot to drink and she couldn't walk anymore so I gave her a piggy back ride... Happy new year.


Check out the link below to see photos from Darcy's Cuba vacation.

Darcy and his wife Michelle went down to Cuba over the Christmas holidays and had a much-deserved vacation. Darcy had a good time, but wiped out on a rental cruiser with a coaster brake, and wasted his knee, and was forced to sit around and drink rum. Darcy went out to try to find some ibuprofen, or any kind of pain medication, but they don't have stores down there, or anything really. Here's a few pics from his trip.


Robin's head
Robin at the Red Bull Railstorm... A snowboarding contest in downtown London.
click here for larger

Robin sent in some photos and a report from the Estonia contest (I'll post that, plus more news tomorrow). Good timing too, 'cause I was just about to type 'Robin never sends us shit, so I had to steal this photo of Robin off of the Roundabout site'. Speaking of Roundabout, we also just got the Roundabout Road Trip DVD's that Robin sent over, so it's been a good week for Robin, and he's off the shitlist, for now.

We watched a bit of the video at work the other day, and Darcy says it's one of the better videos he's seen all year. Of course how could a video with Bas Keep, Ali Whitton, Robin, Owen Clegg + more not be good?