About the patented Pivotal Technology seat/post combo
The MacNeil seat and seatpost, using patented Pivotal Technology has done away with the heavy rails and the bulky hardware of traditional seats. Instead the seat sits on its plastic base directly on top of the post, held together by a single bolt that’s accessed through the patch on the top of the seat. This allows for easy adjustment of the seat angle. One quick turn and you’re done.

It’s the lightest, strongest, simplest design out there. Check out the quotes below – we're not the only ones that think so.

// No rails to bend or twist
// No ugly/heavy guts showing
// Total weight of seat and post combo is just over a pound

Some quotes from magazines about the MacNeil/Pivot seat/post combo:
2020 BMX Magazine (Australia):
“Stronger, lighter and simple to put together, the MacNeil Pivotal seat is a great example of looking at something from a different angle and finding a new way to do it” – Mike Daly, Editor; puts the MacNeil seat in the number 1 position of the "20 most innovative BMX products ever made". – 2020 Magazine, Issue 20, March 2006

BMX Plus! Magazine:
“...Still have your doubts about the MacNeil Fat Capital seat/post combo? Then you can stow them, because more than half of the top Pro's in the sport can't be wrong, not to mention new talent, as the Fat Capital has become the fastest selling saddle in the MacNeil lineup.” – BMX Plus! Magazine, Summer 2006

Dig BMX Magazine:
“This is one of those designs that’s so simple and makes perfect sense”

RideUK Magazine:
“MacNeil’s seat and its Pivotal system is the work of pure genius.”

BMX Plus! Magazine: “There are a few things we here at Plus! would say revolutionize the way things are done in the BMX world, but the MacNeil seat/post is, by far one of them”

What some riders have to say about the Pivotal seat/post
Neil Harrington, Mutiny team rider: “The MacNeil seat seatpost setup. I like engineering and inventing and stuff, that product is really f–kin' cool. It made me smile, I mean that seat will not move, the seat will break in half before the join moves a degree. It doesn't weigh a thing either, shit is really nice. Cheers to MacNeil for the product, thanks. – Neil Harrington answers the question "What is the greatest BMX product in the last ten years?" in his '20 Questions' interview in RideUK 94, May 2006.